Simplified Marketing Data Collection and Analysis

Spend less time collecting and analyzing data so you can focus on impactful action.

Does it seem like you spend most of your time collecting and analyzing data just so you can decide what to work on?

Our smart action engine powered by marketAIng does the work of collecting and analyzing the data for you.

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How it works

Data Collection

Harvests thousands of metrics from dozens of data sources in minutes.

Qualitative Analysis

Uses qualitative decision engine to make recommendations based on industry benchmarks or historical comparisons.

Quantitative Analysis

Uses quantitative analysis engine to guide UX and conversion recommendations.

Prioritized Outcomes

Helps prioritize which actions to take through our “secret-sauce” marketing ontology which provides relationships between outcomes and actions.

Our proprietary ontology bridges the gap between business goals & marketing tasks.

Enabling a prioritization of marketing activity to enable desired objectives.

marketAIng dashboard

Spend more time actioning, less time gathering and analyzing with marketAIng

Acquire, Analyze, Action

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